Class Level bounty hunter
Weapon Bird Jet Stream
Item/Weapon Jet Pack
Appeared in Battle Cruiser
Small World
Stargazer's Refit
The Harder They Fall
Uncle Rattler
Zeek's Power (Briefly)
Played by Bob McFadden[1]

Condor is the royal purple colored SilverHawk introduced in episode Battle Cruiser.  It is unknown if he had a bird partner in the series.


Condor is in reality a retired SilverHawk who had been working as a private detective before being recalled to active service.  He and Stargazer appear to go way back, likewise with Mon*Star. He also has said to be the same general age as Stargazer, whom he calls Gaze, as well. He has a similar attitude as Stargazer, though he is mostly a quiet type. He also seems to have a good sense of humor.


Condor is an older model SilverHawk, like Stargazer.  He has cybernetic enhancements granting him enhanced physical abilities and longevity.  He has a helmet that covers the top half of his head and face that he uses when flying.  He has a laser grabbing gun that he can use to fire an energy beam which enables him to lasso objects or energy blasts. He also has a jet pack to fly with since he has no wings like the more modern SilverHawks.  Like Stargazer, Condor is easily able to compensate his outmoded tech with experience.




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