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Also Known as The Planet Master
Class Level Mob Boss
Weapon Bird Sky Shadow
Item/Weapon Fire Iron
Appeared in Most Episodes
Played by Earl Hammond

Mon*Star is the Mob Boss and the main antagonist of SilverHawks and especially Stargazer. He is known to ride Sky-Runner a giant squid, and gains a "partner" with Sky Shadow.


Mon*Star is the head of the Limbo Mob, and functions as the local criminal kingpin.  He has been around Limbo for over 300 years and has escaped from "Penal Planet 10" (a maximum security prison) twice.  He gets his powers for transformation from the Moon-star.  He has a personal vendetta against Stargazer for his second capture, and likewise all who align themselves with the SilverHawks. He also had previous battles with Condor.

Mon*Star has at times appeared to actually enjoy doing battle with the SilverHawks. He also seems to forgive or at least hide previous conflicts with his gang members, though this may be due more to his need for their abilities than to any compassion or mercy in his character.


Mon*Star is a cruel and cunning criminal.  He maintains an iron grip on the Limbo Underworld, and very few dare any action without his approval, which usualy comes with a price tag.  He also has above normal strength, capable of beating through an armor plate to gain the light of Limbo's Moon-star. 

Once endowed within the light of Limbo's Moon-star, Mon*Star's body is entirely covered in or converted to robotic armor. His strength is now many times greater than in his normal state.  He has jets on his elbows that he can use to fly through space or planet or fire red energy blasts.  His most dangerous ability is the star like blasts that comes from what would normally be his eye patch.  These can do normal damage, but can also hold a foe, inflict tremendous crushing force, and even hypnotize foes.

At one time, he came into possession of a fragment of the Moon*Star.  When he transformed into his armored form while holding it, it magnified his powers greatly, giving him the power to fire energy blasts from his hands.

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