Ah! The Rules! Cause every place has to have Rules!!!

Welcome to the Community Portal or as most none wikians call "The Rules Page". Yes there are rules to maintain some sort of order here. Some of this is common sense type stuff, but please read the whole thing. I don't want to repeat myself!

Very Basic RulesEdit

Wow, lets go back to the very basics. Be nice to fellow editors. You start fighting with them, you will be blocked by me! So play nice.

If there is a Edit War (meaning 2 or more editors switching information back and forth), please just contact me about it. We are all fans, so I'm sure we can come to some sort of resolution.

Names of ArticlesEdit

Ok, this is a bit more important to read. With the SilverHawks show they used nicknames for characters and ranks and stuff. If the name of the character is known like "Zero the Memory Thief", we will simple call him "Zero". The reason is to reduce issues of searching for articles on this wiki. The shorter and easier the name the better. Second, in the case of the SilverHawks, we will go by they hawk codename. It is how most people know them, and it looks pretty on paper.

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